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The Personnel Committee must  consist of a Quorum of 3 members at any one meeting and have full delegated powers to make decisions on behalf of the Council in the following disciplinary matters.

  • ​Hearings for Grievance and Capability matters in accordance with the Council’s Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure.​

  • To deal with all issues relating to Discipline, Grievance and Capability. 

  • Hearing any complaints in accordance with the Council’s Code of Practice for Handling Complaints and Freedom of Information          requests.

  • All and any personnel matters and appraisals relating to the Town Clerk.


The committee retains the power to recommend to full council issues relating to:

  •  Salaries (in association with the Policy & Scrutiny Committee);

  •  Conditions of Service;

  • Staff levels;

  •  Consideration of staffing reviews.

  •  Professional development

  •  Any other matter which may be delegated to it by the Council from time to time

The Committee may refer specific matters to the Council for a final decision if it so wishes.

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