The Planning Committee has delegated authority to comment on planning matters on behalf of the full Council.

All planning matters within the town's Conservation Area plus any challenging planning matters are

usually referred and discussed with the full Council.

The Committees responses are then submitted to North Lincolnshire's Planning Committee for consideration and ultimate approval, where granted.

The final decision on any planning matters are made by North Lincolnshire Council and not by Epworth Town Council.

Individuals may use the North Lincolnshire Councils Web Site to comment directly to the North Lincolnshire Planning Authority.

Planning committee meetings are open to the public where residents may address any issues

verbally at the beginning of a meeting.

It is encouraged that anyone raising an issue should limit their discussion/presentation to three minutes.

There is no fixed timetable for the Epworth Town Council's Planning Committee's meetings.

The meetings are held when plans are either received to Epworth Council and or direction received from North Lincolnshire Council, within the guidance timeframe for response(s).

All meetings are advertised on the Epworth Town Council's Notice Board in the Market Place.