The Committee's responsibilities include:

Organising the provision of the Towns Hanging Baskets and planters.

Maintenance and provision for the Kings Head Croft and Queen Elizabeth II Play Areas.

All matters pertaining to the environment and upkeep of Epworth Town.


Unlike other committees, the Environmental Committee does not have delegated authority meaning that any issues that concern annual precept or capital expenditure are recommended to the Full Council.

The Clerk and/or the Chairman cannot make a decision on behalf of the Full Council if a matter requiring immediate attention such as Health & Safety matters or accidental damage, and where it would not be feasible to wait until the next Full Council meeting, then an extra ordinary meeting would have to be called

There is no fixed timetable for the Epworth Town Council's Environmental Committee's meetings.

All meetings are advertised on the Epworth Town Council's Notice Board in the Market Place.