Councillors have the duty to:

Attend Town Council meetings.

Participate constructively in the government of the Town.

Participate fully in the formation and scrutiny of the Town Council's policies, budgets, strategies and service delivery.

Ensure, with other councillors, that the Town Council is properly managed.

Keep up to date with significant developments affecting the Town Council at local, regional and national levels.

To be accessible and represent effectively the constituents of the Town and to deal with their enquiries, complaints and representations.

To represent the whole electorate; listen and then represent the whole community when discussing Council business.

To attend committee meetings to which the Councillor has been appointed.

Prepare for the meetings by being properly informed about the issues to be discussed.

Take part in meetings and form sound judgements based on what is best for the Town's constituents.

Abide by majority decisions.

Represent the Council on outside bodies to which the Councillor is appointed.



For those interested in becoming a Councillor, where resignations are made to form a 9 member council

Applications can be made in writing via the details listed on our contacts page [link] and where posts will be advertised either face-book [link] or Notices [link].