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Next Full Council Meeting:


Tuesday, 7th June 2022, at 7.00 pm

Cllr Brumby on the litter pick!.jpg

Cllr Brumby joining the litter pick    project - helping to keep the       local  area free of litter!  

Cllr Finch - anther litter pick.jpg

The war on litter in the Town continues - Cllr Finch and her team continue the great litter pick up

Litter Picking.jpg

Cllr Finch on her regular litter pick -            keeping the Town tidy!            Volunteers are welcome to join...

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         Full Council Meeting - First Tuesday of every month.           All are welcome to watch and ask a question of the Council 


Town Councillors:

Cllr C Finch (Chair), Cllr S Brumby, Cllr A Cooper, Cllr A Fleet, Cllr P Garner, Cllr D Stewart, Cllr J Whittaker, Cllr R Whittaker, Cllr D Woods.

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Gary  Johnson

Council Office

Epworth Town Council

Cemetry Lodge

Burnham Road

Epworth DN9 1BY  

T: (01427) 872086

M: 077 3438 6628 

Email: clerk@epworthtowncouncil.com

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